With apologies for our silence … Home again

We apologise for not writing a “home again” post more promptly. Our three flights home – Koh Samui to Singapore, Singapore to Sydney, and then Sydney to Canberra – all went without a hitch. Well, there was nearly a hitch when our Sydney-Canberra flight was cancelled but – oh happy days – they put us on an earlier flight so we got home in excellent time. However, Sue did bring with her a cold which has slowed her down somewhat …

We had a quiet last day at our resort in Koh Samui. We got up and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the breakfast buffet. We were entertained by a mother cat and her five kittens. They – the kittens – skedaddled when we were shown to our table which was on the edge of the eating area, bordering the gardens of the resort. Mamma cat hung around, so Len, having dropped a rasher of bacon on the floor – naughty person that he is – threw her a piece of bacon. We were fascinated to see that, rather than eat it herself, she mewed loudly for her kittens to come and eat it, which they did. Some minutes later though, when another diner gave her some food, she decided it was her turn.

The rest of the morning was spent packing, checking emails and relaxing, before heading to the Sea Breeze Cafe again for lunch – where Sue had her last tropical cocktail (not that she had many during the trip, but certainly she had more than she usually has at home).

And then it was a quick trip to the airport with a cheery driver who’d lived in Koh Samui for 10 years but declared it wasn’t home. We suspect there are many in Koh Samui, who have been drawn there for the work but for whom it is not “home”. Anyhow, for us it was good-bye to our mid-winter tropical jaunt … and an uneventful trip to our much colder southern home.


A few final pictures …

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One Response to With apologies for our silence … Home again

  1. Hannah 5 August, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

    So proud of you for cocktailing it up. We’ll be doing that in a few months’ time.

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