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Holidaying Germans: Bonn to Dusseldorf to Home (3 Oct 2013)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when you travel overseas you’ll come across a public holiday or two. If you’re not prepared, you can find your plans derailed with sights and/or shops closed, public transport schedules changed, places crowded. The positive thing though is that such days often provide an opportunity to learn something deeper […]

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Changing the world: Mainz Day 2 (1 Oct 2013)

It was another cold day when we set out to explore Mainz. It turned into a lovely sunny day after lunch, and suddenly the outdoor cafes were full, but the morning was something else. We walked through lovely old streets and squares, including Münsterplatz and Schillerstrasse, complete with his statue. Almost every town we’ve been […]

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Day tripping to Poland: Berlin Day 4 (28 Sep 2013)

For our daytrip out of Berlin, the logical thing would have been Potsdam, but we decided to go in a different direction, to the twin towns on the Oder/Odra River, Frankfurt an der Oder (59,000 people) in Germany and Słubice (17,000 people) in Poland. We left first thing as it was going to take three […]

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