Day tripping to Poland: Berlin Day 4 (28 Sep 2013)

For our daytrip out of Berlin, the logical thing would have been Potsdam, but we decided to go in a different direction, to the twin towns on the Oder/Odra River, Frankfurt an der Oder (59,000 people) in Germany and Słubice (17,000 people) in Poland. We left first thing as it was going to take three […]

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City as Museum I: Berlin Day 2 (26 Sep 2013)

Oh, it was a cold day. We hoped early autumn would be nicer than we’ve experienced! One of the Berliners from yesterday’s post bemoaned the cold and said how the rest of Germany was having an Indian Summer. Hmmm … Not the rest of Germany we’ve been in. Perhaps over on the Rhine? Anyhow, as […]

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