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A nice day, and thoughts turn to gardens: Yorba Linda Day 6 (5 May 2014)

We woke up to blue sky. Of course it was blue, it was the day we were leaving! However we had the car so we ditched the idea of going to Casa Loma, though believe it has great gardens. We also decided against the Toronto Islands, figuring the weather wasn’t that great. We decided, instead, […]

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It could have been worse: Montreal Day 1 (26 April 2014)

That is, it could have been snowing, but it was only raining – with a maximum of 8°C. Canadians might call that spring, but we’d call that winter! However, we can be hardy with the best of them so, having arrived in Montreal according to schedule, we set off sightseeing. (Sue was selected for her first […]

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