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Homeward Bound (8-10 May 2014)

Those of you who fly the Los Angeles-Sydney Qantas flight with any frequency are probably familiar with the late night departure from LAX. Last time we did this trip, Carolyn was working on the day of the departure, so we headed to LA and explored some areas we hadn’t seen before, like Venice Beach. This […]

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Deserts and dining: Yorba Linda Day 8 (7 May 2014)

We were itching to get into the hinterland, which is one of the things we really enjoyed about living in SoCal, so with Carolyn at work and having done our errands the previous day, we decided to drive out to one of our favourite hinterland places here, Joshua Tree National Park. It’s a two-hour drive, […]

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Can’t not visit a museum: Yorba Linda Day 4 (19 April 2014)

Readers of our previous travel blog know we love a good museum, and while LA County has some wonderful well-known ones – think Getty for example – Orange County also hasĀ its share. One such is a favourite of Carolyn’s and one we had visited when we lived here two decades ago, the Bowers Museum. It’s […]

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