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Exploring South Bay (2): Southern California, Day 17 (2 August 2017)

“Free” morning – and lunch While Trudy and Carter spent the morning walking their dogs, Len and I did some last-minute errands, during which we had a cuppa at the local Barnes and Noble Starbucks. I checked the shelves for a few Aussie authors, and found Liane Moriarty (of course – she’s big here), Charlotte […]

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Exploring South Bay (1): Southern California, Day 16 (1 August 2017)

Introducing South Bay While we’ve visited the region known as “South Bay” before, somehow it was only on this visit that we discovered it has a name! It basically covers the southwest part of Los Angeles county, and includes 15 cities. The main ones we visited this trip – if I have it right – […]

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Gold and flood: Sacramento, Day 2 (14 July 2017)

Back to Old Sacramento National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park We started the day by getting an Uber down to Old Sacramento, as we’d booked a tour for 11am, and thought we’d visit the Sacramento History Museum beforehand. We’ve had some good Uber drivers but this one had a big smile on his face […]

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We call it Sac (apparently): Sacramento, Day 1 (13 July 2017)

After multiple visits to California, the first for me in 1983, and for Len a decade before that, we finally visit its capital, Sacramento. While researching a restaurant (of all things), I came across a quote that I can’t resist sharing: It’s a story as old as time, or as Sacramento, which has been the […]

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Boeing, Boeing: Seattle, Day 4 (8 July 2017)

Boeing, Boeing 707 Boeing, Boeing 707 Going, going, skywardly, heavenly  Funny, or perhaps not, how often songs pop unbidden into my head. Today, as you’ve probably guessed, was our Boeing factory day. It was a tour day, the only way you can see the Boeing factory, so our feet had a little rest, as did […]

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