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Sailing and sightseeing: Southern California, Days 4-5 (20-21 July 2017)

Anaheim is not just Disneyland Muzeo On Day 4 we visited a new place to us – but not to Carolyn – the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Centre in Anaheim (which is most famous as the home of the original Disneyland). Carolyn had discovered the Muzeo when it had a very popular exhibition recently, Dressing […]

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Amtrak dreaming, or, why I like road trips (12 July 2017)

Ain’t travel fun? We’ve flown, and had to wait for an hour on the tarmac in Sydney after arrival because of a broken plane at our gate. We’ve tried Greyhound and experienced delays for who knows what reasons. And now we’ve gone Amtrak. It started off well, leaving Seattle pretty much on time, soon after […]

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To the capital: Seattle, Day 6 (10 July 2017)

Today was both our second daytrip out of Seattle, and second meet-up of the holiday (to date). As you’ve probably guessed from this post’s title, our trip was to Washington state’s capital, Olympia. On our previous trip north, in 1992, we missed the main cities, skirting (or girting?!) up the coast and over to the […]

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