Port Macquarie 2017, Days 1 to 3: Getting there

This year’s Port Macquarie blog will be a “lite” version, as we do for places we visit frequently. In other words, we’ll only write posts every few days.

So, here goes. We set off, as we usually do, around 9.30am on Thursday morning. It was a lovely mild day, perfect for driving. But, I’m not going to give you a chronological blow-by-blow account of that as it would be tedious for me to write and you to read. Instead I’m going to start with two stories …

Story one: Telstra 1, Wherries 0 (sort of)

It’s a Murphy’s Law sort of story, and goes like this. The afternoon before we left, we received an email from Telstra advising that our NBN Kit would be delivered to our front door in the next four weeks, unless we’d made other arrangements. Well, we hadn’t because we didn’t know we had to – and, what’s more, there was no info concerning how to make said other arrangements. So, we made the only arrangement we could …

Which was to pop next-door to our friendly neighbours and ask them to look out for a box just in case it turned up in the next week, “but, you know Telstra, it probably won’t come until the end of the four-week period”, except …

Later in the evening, we received a tracking message to say that the box would be delivered the next day, the day of our departure, that is! Back to the neighbours promptly the next morning to tell them, but they, not being retired, had already left for work/school. So we left a note, and departed for our trip at 9.30am. The box was delivered at 10.13am. You can’t win. Anyhow, we are finally on the way to linking into the wonderful NBN! More stories to come we are sure. (Am I being too cynical?)

Story two: It rained

Day 2 of our trip saw us stopping at the pretty little town of Laurieton for an afternoon cuppa and a bit of basic shopping. It had been inclement all day but, as we exited the supermarket, down the rain came. So, I waited with the grocery trolley, while Len headed off down the road to get the car. As I sat waiting, three women, separately, came out of the supermarket with their shopping, none in trolleys. Now, I’m not sure whether they were all in the habit of talking to themselves, or whether my presence resulted in their pronouncements, but, to no-one in particular as far as I could see, each spoke:

  • “Here comes the rain”, said quite cheerily.
  • “Oh no, I’ll just gave to taxi home”, said a little churlishly, given the rain was much needed.
  • “I’ll just have to go for a free shower now”, said philosophically.

I can see what fun writers have, eavesdropping when they are out-and-about!

Some national parks

We did a much longer drive the first day than we usually do, making it to the Forster-Tuncurry region, which was a drive of just under 650kms. This left us only around 100km forvthe next day. We had a lovely meal that night at Reef Bar and Grill in Forster, newly owned by people from Eden (and Wheelers Restaurant there).

Anyhow, the long drive on Day 1 gave us time to potter on Day 2, so we did. We headed into the northern end of Booti Booti National Park and did the short (i.e. around 400m each way) but steep walk to Cape Hawke Lookout, which has a 48-step tower. It was a cloudy day, but the walk was pleasant – and provided a bit of a work-out – and the view was lovely. With the tree growth around, the tower was essential to seeing the view.

We then pottered around Forster, having a cuppa at the lovely Tartt, doing a little shopping, and then lunching at the American-diner-style cafe, Dashers, where Len enjoyed his favourite commercial American beer, Coors.

Then it was the drive north, with a detour along the unsealed Diamond Head Road through Crowdy Bay National Park to Laurieton. We stopped at the Diamond Head Beach Camping Ground to stretch our legs, and check out the scenery. It was an inclement sort of day, but the temperature was mild and the kangaroos in abundance.

And finally, Port Macquarie

We settled in on Friday afternoon, and decided to spend the night in given our two days on the road and the rain pouring down. Saturday was a grey day, so we did some shopping in town, went to Vacation Village’s regular Saturday lunchtime welcome party where we met a bunch of interesting people (most of a certain age), and then had a quiet afternoon, resting, reading, and playing a little mini-golf. In the evening we ventured out to try a new restaurant to us – and in fact, new to Port Macquarie, its being only 5 months old. The restaurant, Botanic Wine Garden, was delightful. Very friendly service, and delicious food. We tried a new dish to us for entrée – charred artichoke with aioli – and loved it.

Now, some pics

Of variable quality, taken on various devices in variable circumstances. (And I’ve been too lazy to doctor them!)

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7 Responses to Port Macquarie 2017, Days 1 to 3: Getting there

  1. Lithe lianas 23 October 2017 at 12:51 am #

    You managed to pack in a lot in a couple of inclement weather days – hope it improves.

    By the way were the owners of the Reef Bar and Grill weren’t Adam and Eve were they? Interested to hear about the Booti Booti National Park – sounds pretty.

    What was the lapwing doing in such an unusual position?

    Give our love to the Port!

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 23 October 2017 at 7:54 am #

      Thanks Mum. Not sure about the lapwing. I wonder if it was nesting but it was a very exposed place. It was cheeping at me and that little kangaroo was watching on. They are held birds but that was pretty exposed.

      Would like to see more of Booti Booti another time.

  2. Mary 24 October 2017 at 9:35 am #

    It looks delightful and refreshing! Trust the weather has been good since that early rainy day. How beautifully decorated are those community garden beds. I especially liked the dancing birds with their extended wings. Enjoy the rest of your time away!

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 24 October 2017 at 9:52 am #

      Thanks Mary. Weather has been improving with today on being the best. Yesterday nice but a bit cloudy.

      I loved those birds too on the community garden. There didn’t power to be a lot growing but it’s probably cyclical. There was a bit of kale around!

      Hope all is well with you both.

  3. Trudy Carrigan 25 October 2017 at 5:17 am #

    Hello ya’ll,

    GREAT to hear from you and love that you are on the move, enjoying your favorite places. Ya’ll both look wonderful and happy. Sue, your mention of the Kale in the reply to Mary reminded me of our excursion to the Point Fermin lighthouse in San Pedro! You noticed their veggie garden and commented about the Kale age and growth. I am sure you remember because you were impressed by it’s size.

    Thank you for identifying the Lapwing. Looks like a lovely bird. I will have to look it up. The little kangaroo was adorable. I love the way it holds it’s little hands. I wanted a bite of Len’s Sour Cherry Tart and your fish dish was enticing. Hope your weather improves to your satisfaction, but honestly, cloudy sounds fabulous to me as we are in one of those freaky Santa
    Anna weather conditions in October no less. I would love a little Fall cool weather and the to have the sun hidden behind a
    vast cloud bank!! Carter and I are both doing little chants to try to bring forth our favorite couple – Coastal Eddy and Onshore
    Flow. =)

    Enjoy your trip. BTW, I retired, for at least a while. October is my first month of Freedom. No trips planned, so thoroughly enjoying yours vicariously. Thanks you for including me and love and warm thoughts sent to both of you and to all those you love.

  4. Len and Sue WHERRY 25 October 2017 at 6:35 pm #

    Oh, I’m so glad to hear you’ve retired Trudy. Getting up in the morning and knowing your time is your own is a very special feeling isn’t it? And I bet your plants and critters are enjoying having more of your company (not to mention Carter!)

    I don’t envy you your Santa Anas I must say, so I hope your chants will have some effect soon. It has been a very dry winter here (and at home) so the rains have been appreciated – and while it’s been cloudy, the rain itself has mostly been at night so we can’t complain.

    And yes, I do remember that HUGE kale. And Carter’s response to eating green things!!

    Keep well, and enjoy your time. Hugs back.

  5. Carolyn 29 October 2017 at 12:01 am #

    I agree with Trudy that the sun behind the cloud bank looks wonderfully refreshing right now.

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