Port Macquarie 2017, Days 4 to 6: Settling in

We have been having a pretty lazy time, partly because Sunday was a little inclement, and on Monday Len wanted to watch his American football so he wouldn’t get too far behind. That was OK with me. After all, Monday is wash-day isn’t it? (And, it did leave me time for some reading as well).

So, what have we done?

Well …

We’ve played several rounds of mini-golf here at the resort, and have not improved our scores. Our excuse is that the overnight rainfalls have made the surface wet, upsetting our finely tuned knowledge of the course!

We’ve eaten at old favourites – Little Fish (French-style) Cafe at Innes Lake Vineyards and Rivermark Cafe on the Hastings – and a new one, Sea Salt Cafe on the marina. This latter was with my old school-mate, Jennie, and her husband, Chris. We hadn’t seen each other since leaving school – but reconnected via Facebook a few years ago. It was truly lovely. We reminisced about what great school days we had. Neither of us remember any nastiness in our cohort (or, at least, amongst the forty or so that formed our main circle).

We’ve walked out to the Settlement Point Ferry, along the Hastings River. Just 3 kms or so of very flat walking but one of the things we do when we are here.

We’ve had a laugh or two – such as at the sign on what I believe is a retirement village. The sign started with “For the not so retiring” and ended with “Do you have a home-care package?” I’m still wondering what the combination of those two in one sign was trying to say?

And, I had a nice little chat with the groundsman here who is building a vegetable and herb garden for use by guests! That’s impressive for a time-share resort I think. I photographed the little herb garden, but in the veggie garden he has peas, cucumber, capsicum, carrots, onions, lettuce and a couple of other veggies under way. He also has strawberries growing, and plans next to plant passionfruit, watermelon and bananas.

And some pics (of course)

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4 Responses to Port Macquarie 2017, Days 4 to 6: Settling in

  1. Trudy Carrigan 25 October 2017 at 5:34 am #

    Hello Again Wherry travelers!

    You still look GREAT – so the moderate exercise and bit of kick back time must be agreeing with the two of you. Sue, your friend from school looks happy to be in your company – an emotion I completely understand and can identify with. It is nice to keep connections from the past. I hold on dearly to several friends from days gone by.

    The Koala sculpture looked interesting. Is the bottom part painted with a forest motif? From the picture it almost looks like it could be a reflection of the surroundings from a mirror-like surface.

    Loved the graceful floating pelican and again, wanted a bite of Len’s dessert! What is the decoration on top made from? And are those more cherries on the side? Absolutely decadent! YOU GO, Len!!! I think I am hungry.

    Keep on tripping! Thank you for sharing. Good wishes, love, and all that jazz!

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 25 October 2017 at 6:30 pm #

      Lovely to hear from you Trudy. You know that I always think of you when I’m selecting the photos. There’ll be more critters – a couple anyhow – in the next one which we’ll publish in a couple of days.

      The koala is one of several made of fibreglass and painted by artists for a tourism initiative as koalas are big around here. So yes, the forest is painted. (You can google hellokoala.com to see more. They are beautiful but so far we’ve only see two. Hope to see a couple more tomorrow, but we haven’t actually done the trail. I notice on the site that ours is called “Woody” but on the plaque in front of it it’s called “Forest”. I like “Woody” better)

      I really enjoyed spending time with Jennie too, as we do with you and Carter.

      Len’s dessert is decorated with a fanned strawberry, and I think that’s a little berry compote on the side – blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants.

      Love back to you …

  2. Lithe lianas 25 October 2017 at 9:46 pm #

    ”Settling in”? Don’t get too settled – unfortunately a week goes far too quickly in Vacation Village.
    Photos leave us feeling nostalgic so it is good to see them and know the place is being well cared for. Loved the pelican. The surrounds of the Little Fish Cafe look lush – no shortage of rain there. Is the little outbuilding looking the same or is it well greened over, too? The Koala is interesting – where did you find that.

    I wonder who had the idea of the vegie/herb garden. Victor would have loved it. Where is it – down by the Club room? The vines look healthy, too.

    No rain here but the fuchsia is surviving!

    Have fun – but then, we know you will.

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 29 October 2017 at 8:15 pm #

      It sure does – particularly as we are now home.

      The Koala was pretty much opposite the old Courthouse as I recollect, and is one of many on the Hello Koalas Trail.

      The vegetable and herb gardens are where the clothes lines are – close to the wall on the far side of that area so not quite under the clothes lines.

      Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – I don’t get emails re responses. Len does, and forgets to tell me!! Grr…

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