Port Macquarie 2017, Days 7 to 9: Coming to an end

Out and about

Our last two days in Port Macquarie saw us being a bit more active. On Wednesday, which was forecast to be warm, we set off promptly at around 8.30 am to do our favourite Coastal Walk, having left our car in town and taxied to Tacking Point lighthouse. About 2 1/4 hrs and 7.7km later we arrived at Town Beach where we’d left our car. We enjoyed the walk as usual, taking us as it does through the edge of Sea Acres Nature Reserve and across pretty beaches, some deserted, some more populated. We always enjoy Nobby’s Beach where dogs are allowed off-leash. Len’s fitness tracker said we’d climbed the equivalent of 41 storeys! We felt we well deserved our wonderful lunch at the Stunned Mullet.

The next day, our last, we drove out to Ellenborough Falls, which at 200m is apparently one of the longest single drop falls in the Southern Hemisphere. (Northern Hemisphere readers here may not know how seriously we who live south of the equator take our Southern Hemisphere records!!) We didn’t do the 641 steps walk down to the bottom of the Falls, but did walk around to the Knoll to get a good view.

Public art

You will see in the slideshow several koalas. They are part of the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail, comprising over 50 painted fibreglass koalas that are placed around Port Macquarie and the surrounding region. It seems an inspired project to me, given the association of koalas with Port Macquarie, and has won State Tourism Awards. We didn’t do the trail but we did come across or seek a few out!

All around the region we came across public sculpture projects. Another was at Walcha. We only saw a small selection of their impressive Open Air Gallery program and I’ve only included a segment of one of the carved columns outside the Commonwealth Bank.


One of the best parts of travelling is meeting other people, and this trip has been no exception. So, for example, we’ve spoken with:

  • a couple at the resort, who planned to drive from Port Macquarie to Melbourne in ONE day! It would take them about 16 hours, and she didn’t expect to drive. We were amazed!
  • young Europeans at the Mount Seaview Resort, where we stopped for a cuppa while crossing the Great Dividing Range. They included Brits and a French girl, and we enjoyed talking about their working experiences, their experience of Australia, and their plans.
  • couple, of around our age, at a cafe in Walcha, They had just returned the previous day from three months in Europe. They have children in Norway, Germany, San Diego, Canberra and Melbourne! We didn’t envy their challenge in keeping up with that!
  • an 81-year-old farmer (perhaps retired) in the pub at Willow Tree, only a few hours after the Citizenship 7 High Court decision. We decided to extricate ourselves when the conversation became too political. It was one thing for him to tell us about the things Barnaby Joyce had done for the electorate – that’s fair enough – but when he pronounced (off his own bat) that Tony Abbott didn’t do anything wrong, we felt unequal to discussion.

And the pics

A bumper crop this post. Hope they are not boring.


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2 Responses to Port Macquarie 2017, Days 7 to 9: Coming to an end

  1. Carolyn 29 October 2017 at 12:08 am #

    Lovely pictures! Hello koalas sculpture tour is a hoot. Wish I were there!

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 29 October 2017 at 7:39 am #

      Thanks Carolyn. You’d like the beaches, too. Sorry I didn’t go hunting for the Retro Rita koala but she’ll have to wait another day. The koalas are fun, and clearly get people to certain business areas too!

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