Thredbo 2017, Days Five and Six: Along the river valley

Wah, our last full day! What to do?

Doing the Thredbo Valley Track, or part thereof

One idea was the new-ish Thredbo Valley Track which runs from Thredbo to Bullock’s Flat. It’s a reasonably level walk, and is also popular with mountain bikers. We did the beginning of it in 2015 – from Thredbo to the Ranger Station, via the three suspension bridges, and back – so Len, bright spark that he is, suggested that we drive to Thredbo Diggings and walk in one direction from there.

Consequently, into the car we got and drove out to the Thredbo Diggings campground where we decided to walk in the Thredbo direction to the Ngarigo Campground, which, according to the walk signpost, would be 9.2km return, but which, MapMyWalk calculated, was more like 12.45km. Hmm … we’re realising that MapMyWalk is a little, shall we say, generous in its calculations.

We have to admit that this walk is not the most exciting in the area – unless you count being nearly skittled at regular intervals by polite but enthusiastic mountain bikers – but it is an enjoyable one. It’s not exciting because there’s no real variety in the terrain or scenery. But it’s enjoyable because it’s fairly easy, mildly undulating walking; there’s a comfortable level of shade; you hear the river much of the time even if you can’t always see it; and there are interesting plants to be seen. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the quiet, pretty Ngarigo Campground. We stopped here, sitting on a rock on the river’s edge to munch on our muesli bars and sip our wine – oops – our water, that is.

As we sat there, who should swim around the rocks towards us but three little ducklings, and then came more and more, until finally there were nine of them! Nine ducklings? Wow. Except, on closer look, we realised that one duckling was in fact mother duck. It was fun watching them, and noticing some different personalities. At least, there was one who always seemed to be last. Bravely independent or vague and inattentive? Somehow, I thought the former. We loved that they swam close to our dangling feet without a worry, and even climbed up the bank right beside us. It’s something to treasure, isn’t it, when wild creatures go about their business right next to you.

Anyhow, eventually we decided it was time to do the return walk, which took a little less time than the outward trip. It was the perfect walk for us – a decent length but not particularly strenuous – after our two previous, more demanding ones. We then drove back to Thredbo for our usual lazy afternoon of reading, music listening, tennis watching and “computer-ing”.

You can check out our Thredbo Valley Walk here …

Our evening meal plans were thrown when, upon calling to make a booking – at fairly late notice because Thredbo is not busy this time of year – we discovered our chosen restaurant was closed for a private function! Where to go? We settled on the Brazilian style restaurant, Sante Churrasco. We’ve been there before and enjoyed it, and we enjoyed ourselves again. However, it’s not my favourite style of eating. The food comes over a period of time in small portions – the “sides” are very little (though you can have as many of them as you want) and the meat portions are small (though there are many of them, as in three different cuts of pork, three of four of chicken, three of beef, a few types of seafood, and so on). You can be too well fed, in fact, if you don’t manage yourself. The food is tasty and nicely cooked, their service is very cheery and friendly, and Len is always happy to have a Sangria, but it’s not particularly restful dining.

Home again, home again

And then, all too soon, it was home time. We packed up promptly in the morning and got underway soon after 9am. We stopped briefly in Cooma for a cuppa and a now routine visit to the BirdsNest dress shop (from which I, surprisingly, came away empty-handed!), and in Bredbo for another of our routine visits, this one to the Snowy Mountains Gourmet Food Cafe to check out their pies. And yes, this year they did have some of their famous rabbit pies (for Len, not for gf me of course). We arrived home soon after mid-day … and are now ready for the year to properly start!

Some pics

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And the ducks


2 Responses to Thredbo 2017, Days Five and Six: Along the river valley

  1. Trudy Carrigan 13 January 2017 at 2:57 pm #

    Well, that is just ducky! =)

    I love the flowers and all the pictures were scenic.

    I like it that you end the after noon with reading, music, tennis viewing, and appreciate the computer ing!

    That bright green feather stripe on what I assume is the “mother of them all” is surely a badge of honor. All
    those ducks are a nice size, mom has done well in her care and raising. AND that late comer certainly looks
    healthy! My theory is that the duck bringing up the rear likes to dabble, diddle, and doddle as the righteous duck
    diligently does.

    As always, thanks for including me in your travels. I look forward to the next Wherry travelscape.

    • Len and Sue WHERRY 13 January 2017 at 4:35 pm #

      Thanks Trudy. Yes that colour is on the mother. It’s glorious isn’t it – tucked away there under the wings but flashing out. I like your theory about the last duck. It was fun to watch. At least I think it was always the same one that was last but who am I to say, and the mother wasn’t telling!

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